Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seafood Supplier in Penang

We are the wholesale seafood supplier in penang and currently catering to hawker centers, restaurants , factories, and hotels. Our company has established for more than twenty years. We started as a wholesale fishery company selling fishes to most penang " wet markets" at Leboh Cecil. From there, we have expanded our products not only from fresh to frozen items.

Below are the items we are providing:

1. Clam Balitung
2. Clam Lala
3. Clam Bamboo
4. Clam Guiwa
5. Clam Kapar
6. Clam Thorn (chi lor)
7. Cockle Meat
8. Crab Brown 2 to 3nos
9. Crab Brown 4 to 6 nos
10. Crab Flower 2 to 4 nos
11. Crab Flower 5 to 8 nos
12. Crab Meat
13. Crab Soft Shell
14. Cuttlefish Brown
15. Cuttlefish Meat( BIG)
16. Filamen Stick
17. Fillet Dorly 120/170
18. Fillet Dorly 220UP
19. Fillet Dorly Sutchi 220UP
20. Fillet Garoupa Local
21. Fillet Hailay
22. Fillet kara
23. Fillet Merlin
24. Fillet Siakap
25. Fish Alu Cut
26. Fish Bawai Hitam Cut
27. Fish Ball
28. Fish Belitung Cut
29. Fish Cake
30. Fish Cermin Cut
31. Fish Cincaru Cln
32. Fish Cod (Chille)
33. Fish Garoupa Whole 2k to 8k
34. Fish Garoupa Whole 800gm to 1k
35. Fish Gerut Cut
36. Fish Hailay Cut
37. Fish Kara Cut
38. Fish Kara Whole 1/2k
39. Fish Kara Whole 2/3k
40. Fish Kara Whole 200/400gm
41. Fish Kara Whole 4/8k
42. Fish Kara Whole 500/600gm
43. Fish Kara Whole 900/1k
44. Fish Kayu
45. Fish Kayu Cut
46. Fish Kembung
47. Fish Keli Cln
48. Fish Kerisi
49. Fish Mabung
50. Fish Mata Besar
51. Fish Nyok
52. Fish Pomfret Black Frozen 150/200gm
53. Fish Pomfret Black Frozen 300/500gm
54. Fish Pomfret Black Frozen 700/1k
55. Fish Pomfret Black Fresh
56. Fish Pomfret Chinese Whole 300/400gm
57. Fish Pomfret Chinese Whole 400/500gm
58. Fish Pomfret Chinese Whole 600/800gm
59. Fish Pomfret Chinese Whole 900/1k
60. Fish Pomfret Golden Whole
61. Fish Pomfret White Whole 100/200gm
62. Fish Pomfret White Whole 200/400gm
63. Fish Pari Cln
64. Fish Red Lion
65. Fish Red Lion Whole 2/3k
66. Fish Red Lion Whole 500/600gm
67. Fish Red Lion Whole 700/800gm
68. Fish Red Snapper Cln 900gm
69. Fish Salmon (Norway)
70. Fish Sardine
71. Fish Selar
72. Fish Senangin Cut
73. Fish Siakap Sea Whole 4/8k
74. Fish Siakap Whole 900/1k
75. Fish Siakap Whole 2/4k
76. Fish Siakap Whole 200/400gm
77. Fish Siakap Whole 500/600gm
78. Fish SnapperCut
79. Fish Talapia Whole
80. Fish Tenggiri Cut
81. Fish Tenggiri Whole
82. Fish Tuna Meat
83. French Fries (Shoestring/ Crinkle Cut)
84. Jelly Fish Flower
85. Jelly Fish Skin
86. Mantis Prawn Meat(IULA)
87. Mix Vegetables
88. Mussel 1/2 Shell Local
89. Mussel Meat
90. Mussel Meat NZ
91. Mussel Mutiara
92. Oyster Rock AAA 4"to 5"
93. Oyster Meat AO ( "Penang Fried Oyster Use")
94. Oyster Rock AA 2'' to 3''
95. Prawn Farm 51/60
96. Prawn Farm 61/70
97. Prawn Farm 71/80
98. Prawn Green 26/30
99. Prawn Green 41/50
100. Prawn Green 61/70
101. Prawn Meat Fresh 41/50
102. Prawn Meat Fresh 61/70
103. Prawn Meat Frozen 31/40
104. Prawn Meat Frozen 41/50
105. Prawn Meat Frozen 51/60
106. Prawn Meat Frozen 61/70
107. Prawn Meat Frozen 71/90
108. Prawn Meat Frozen 90/120
109. Prawn Meat Frozen 100/200
110. Prawn Meat IQF 31/40
111. Prawn Meat IQF 61/70
112. Prawn Sea Tiger Frozen (10-12)
113. Prawn Sea Tiger Frozen (13-15)
114. Prawn Sea Tiger Frozen (16-20)
115. Prawn Sea Tiger Frozen (4-6)
116. Prawn Sea Tiger Frozen (6-8)
117. Prawn Sea Tiger Frozen (8-10)
118. Prawn White Fresh (31-40)
119. Prawn White Frozen (13-15)
120. Prawn White Frozen (16-20)
121. Prawn White Frozen (21-25)
122. Prawn White Frozen (26-30)
123. Prawn White Frozen (30-40)
124. Prawn White Frozen (40-50)
125. Prawn White Frozen (40-50)B
126. Prawn White Frozen (50-60)
127. Scallop 1/2 shell
128. Scallop AUS 20/40nos
129. Scallop AUS Farwest
130. Scallop Meat Local
131. Scallop USA 10/20 nos
132. Scallop USA 20/40 nos
133. Sharkfins artificial
134. Squid Ball
135. Squid cln 2/3''
136. Squid cln 3/5"
137. Squid cln 5/7"
138. Squid H/less (Squid tube)
139. Squid Whole Frozen 3/5"
140. Squid Whole Frozen 5/6"

Why not give us a visit and enjoy the freshest seafood but at good prices!! ( Our office is at 149, Jalan Shaik Madar, Ayer Itam, 11500, Penang, Malaysia)

Please contact us for quotations.
(6016-4453100) Lim Chong Keat
(6016-4479986) Lim Puay Eng

Email: sengkongfisherysdnbhd@hotmail.com


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